Fran Sargent

Fran SargentFran Sargent has been the owner of Quilter’s Attic in Goodlettsville, Tennessee for over ten years. Although she began quilting 35 years ago, for much of her career Fran was in the corporate world. When she took an early retirement to see what else was out there, Fran decided to pursue her passion and accepted a part time job in a local quilt store. She began teaching quilting classes at the store and was soon in demand as a speaker and instructor all around the Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas. She threw herself into her work and after a few short years, became the owner of the store.

Fran has fallen in love with Judy Niemeyer’s beautiful designs and innovative Paper Piecing techniques. She was first introduced to this new foundation paper piecing approach several years ago at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fran immediately asked Judy to come to her store to teach these simple and elegant skills and those classes began a relationship that resulted in Fran becoming a “Judy Niemeyer Quilting Certified Instructor” in 2010.

Another of Fran’s many specialties is the creative layout and design of T-shirt quilts. She enjoys helping people tell their story or the stories of their loved ones through the memories evoked by a T-shirt collection.

Fran enjoys teaching a variety of classes and she has a talent for helping absolute beginners learn the skills they need to become accomplished quilters. Her leadership and teaching skills learned from her successful professional career, combined with her quilting experience and creative spirit are what make her such a talented instructor today!