Carol, Mystery Quilt Instructor


Carol Lange began quilting in her early 20s with a group of missionary ladies. They met weekly around the quilt frame to send quilts to the mission field. Carol learned to quilt from those sessions but what she also learned was that quilters are a true community!

Years later, Carol helped start a small quilting club in her remote mountain town in Northern Idaho. Then in 1997, Carol discovered computers and found a much larger community of quilters online! She moderates and co-moderates a couple of Yahoo groups focused on quilting….and loves the friendships that have developed even without face-to-face meetings. Carol just enjoys people (AND chocolate!) and
loves to recruit new quilters!

Besides her quilt life, Carol works for the Rural Health Clinic in her town and is a national teacher (and with the reach of the internet, I believe we could say GLOBAL!).

Mystery quilts came on the scene and Carol found she enjoyed designing mystery quilts for others to enjoy….and that’s where YOU come in!