Mystery Quilt Retreat

1 Jun 2012 until 3 Jun 2012

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Mystery Quilt 2

Instructor: Carol Lange

What exactly IS a Mystery Quilt?

The designer creates a quilt that has specific directions (otherwise known as “Clues”) to be given out over time. Most Mystery Quilts start with some fabric direction….amounts and types/colors/values. One favorite saying to keep in mind as you choose fabric for a Mystery Quilt is: “Color gets all the credit, value does all the work!”

The folks making the quilt have no idea what the finished quilt will look like, but as they continue to follow the clues and make the “pieces”, the mystery begins to unravel and the creativity and beauty of your fabric choices becomes clear!

Come join us for our Spring Mystery Quilt June 1 – 3, 2012. We can’t give away a single clue, but we CAN show you a couple of the quilts that Carol has designed in the past. Come explore your creativity in a whole new way!

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Mystery Quilt 1