Caroline’s Lost Love

20 May 2013 until 23 May 2013

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Instructor: Kathy Kuryla

While this quilt pattern LOOKS complex, our instructor, Kathy Kuryla assures us that it’s basically just two blocks with one of those blocks repeated in reverse colors. Kathy always has short cuts and tips for improving our piecing and this class is the perfect opportunity to learn some new tricks! The finished quilt is 82” x 92”, has 10” finished blocks, and with all the time we have to sew, we should get pretty far along on this project!

Besides lots of instruction and sewing time, we’re also planning a trip to The Quilting Squares, a local quilt shop that has a large selection of fabrics, patterns, and notions. This shop will be providing our “quilt kits” for those that want to duplicate the picture of the quilt as closely as possible.

Join us for a fun quilting retreat May 20 – 23, 2013 and don’t forget to pack an extra project or two for sewing late at night!


Caroline's Lost Love