Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

We view our ownership of the Inn as an opportunity to share this beautiful place in creation with as many people as possible. In doing so, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship.

The Inn was designed to fit naturally into the pristine environment of the ridge and farm. We value the natural and cultural heritage of our property and our community. This means we are continually striving to provide our guests with an authentically local experience. Our policies, use of local products, and our farming practices are put in place to uphold this treasured heritage.

The Inn systems and equipment were carefully selected to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. In addition, the Inn staff follows practices to reduce, re-use, and recycle ensuring the responsible use of energy, water, waste, and raw materials. We want our guests to be aware of the actions we undertake to help sustain our valuable resources.

Steps we have taken include:

  • Buildings are nestled into the side of the hill in order to preserve the natural view of the ridge.
  • Outer walls are insulated with open cell foam insulation, significantly reducing our energy use.
  • Energy efficient mini-split air systems allow temperature control for each room.
  • Natural gas tank-less hot water heaters provide hot water only on demand.
  • Low flow “rain” style shower heads provide a nice experience while reducing water usage.
  • Commercial dishwasher uses less water and detergent than a traditional dishwasher.
  • High efficiency washing machines require less water & shorter cycles than traditional models.
  • Water is conserved regularly by washing our towels and linens per guest request.
  • Seasonal menus feature seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms
  • Soap and many amenities are recycled by social improvement programs.
  • Daily schedule is followed in which lights are turned off or dimmed when not needed.