About the Inn

Our Story

How often do you come across a place so special that thousands of butterflies would call it home?  Butterfly Meadows Inn & Farm is such a place.  The beauty of creation is evident in the wonderful variety of plants and wildlife that flourish here.  The panoramic views as far as the eye can see are breathtaking.  And the butterflies love it here ~ what else could it have been named!

The site was originally chosen to be the family home ~ and it is. However, while experiencing the blessing of this place ~ quiet, peaceful, and soothing to the soul ~ owners Darlene & Norman Bobo decided the real blessing would lie in sharing it with others.  And so began the story of Butterfly Meadows Inn & Farm.

In a world where the details of everyday life can overshadow real priorities, Darlene & Norman decided to create a place where faith, family and friends could be celebrated and nurtured.  Thousands of plans, ideas and suggestions were considered to design a perfect place that the innkeepers could call home and that guests could relax in a home away from home. In keeping with the area and the setting, the inn was designed with the look and charm of a 100 year old farmhouse. (And even though it is fairly new, it’s won a Historical Preservation award.)  After all, every old farmhouse started new once upon a time.

This is a home where stories begin and continue.  A setting where old friendships flourish and new ones are made. Serenity and peacefulness are tangible here and priorities are reestablished.

Remember the comfort of visiting a favorite relative’s home?  A place where you were welcomed and pampered?  Where you could relax in a rocking chair on a wide porch overlooking a breathtaking sunset or drink your morning coffee in the crisp nip of the morning air?  A place where you could sit in front of a crackling fireplace with hot cocoa or pick a volume off the library shelves and just read the day away?  Where you would kick your shoes off and walk barefoot, never even realizing you had done so?  A place where a stroll in the woods could melt the everyday stress of life into a new perspective?

Butterfly Meadows Inn & Farm is that place.  Join our story and continue your own.  Soak in the tranquility as you turn into the front meadows and follow the half mile winding wooded drive to the hilltop. To a place longed for and almost forgotten. The dream sparked years ago has resulted in Butterfly Meadows Inn & Farm, a special place for individuals and groups looking for a place to get away from it all.   From the welcoming front porch to the country charm of the guestroom to the fabulous meals around the dining table, you can’t help but feel at home.  Our story will take you back to a simpler, more relaxed way of living.

Meet the Innkeepers